Crash, crumpled bodies smash, bend twist and bang, but it aint no thang.  Time can be said in a millisecond but its meaning can have worldly consequence meaning everything.        In time we can learn and heal and play in the sunshine, that is time. So fear not to fall individually, eternally everything will fall into the place and space to which it belongs.  The strong will become weak and the meek will inherit the earth. Power that the foolish chase like a piece of paper blown by a gust of wind, here and over there up in the sky.         Power will be sought in every society by a few misguided and greedy souls, to be misused.    Those that will abuse will spoil and use like fruit spoiled and bruised for what use.            Waste the joy and the simplicity of snow, abused power crumbles with the onset of time.   Turn the earth reveal stone and soil and worms in thick chunky black beautiful abundance. Dance for joy every girl and every boy for here is your all. Share with your neighbour help them to grow, there is not much more that we need to know.  Time will reveal to any that do not really know that this is all you need to grow.


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