Total Control

Fuck around with them interceptor boys, they use them rods like toys, talkin, total control. Personally, I am sick of the ass kissin, I am crazy as they come see, if the the vic is always me, then that is how it is meant to be. If you make steps you were meant to, if not why did you? Hopeless answer nobody knows. Anxiety grows and grows. Smoke that crack, stride through space, hoping to find that magic place. Purple star ships, tangerines, shag pile carpets under your feet. Step after step euphoria, not sure if you have four o ya. Empty mind surrendered soul, you can achieve any of your goals. You are in total control.  Alice down the rabbit hole, falling falling swirling rolling bouncing off air, are you really there?   Time standing still the best dream ever, every hit thoughts turn clever, Stephen Hawking has nothing on me I could achieve twenty four degrees, science arts whatever. Smoking makes me so so clever. Fall asleep on pillowed clouds, left alone for hours and hours.


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