Random wafflings. Some days, stand out different from others, know what I mean? Today was one of those days. Waking to stress it has been a wild few days and my mind is paying the price, bless.    So another day but today is deadline day, you could say guaranteed trouble on the way.    Sleep still in my eyes, rubbing em as I debate and surmise, this and that listening to battlecat, and Game running from the night before, my music always gotta stay hardcore.  My good friend Julie woke me from my nightmares, she just opened the door and came up the stairs. I knew she was fulfilling her word I had a feeling that she would, yeah so now its all good. Imagine you come to Uk from Poland. You go to college with intention of working toward Uni. You struggle with English but you are fluent in mathematics. This English thing is slowing your progress. Angels come from different angles. You meet an English lad on the same course heading in the same direction. He is struggling with the math, this slows his progress. You become great friends, and help each other to progress, enjoying many laughs and adventures along the way. After two years you both apply for uni with distinctions. The last part of the course is work experience. You both attend the same placement working for IBM, and on finishing the two weeks it is back to college till end of term. Dreaming of uni. Your English friend left a cv and made an impression on the staff. He was always asking questions and was enthusiastic about the job. He did not expect a reply as he needed four years at uni to get the job although he could do the job easily. He was asked to start within a fortnight and accepted immediately. He had just bypassed four years at uni to begin the only real job he had ever had at age 28. He could not believe his luck. You though feel confused, you know way more than him, you taught him most of what he knows and now he has breezed past you. He has the personality, can talk with anyone and is half way from the street so he hustles daily naturally, always pushing to the limit and bringing it back a little if needed. Hard to get a grip on your feelings. You live facing each other, both have a mortgage on the same road, good friends .His girl is the sister of your girl. You are going uni to get a job he has just got, a job you wanted for yourself. Worse your friend is not content with the job he has, he has just discovered contracting can earn him a lot more than staying with IBM. I reckon that must be hard because a lot of people do measure themselves by their peers. Tough

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