Thursday Friday Saturday, Sunday, sun shining brightly through the window, cooking,         Cleaning done washing done, now i am bathed in a bright fresh sun, my recovery has begun. What even happened? Was i involved? The way i feel now not so sure. Was that me who wanted more? More crack to take me away, i have to say, i know it really was me back then, and now its me back to the pen, just part of my life’s ups and downs, from flying high to nearly drowned. Funny in a way i do the same thing over and over again, no pretend, but now i feel so new and fresh and truly blessed. So i did not pay all my bills on time but other than that what great crime, did i commit?  I admit i am not perfect and i may wonder was it worth it, but no one died, and the tears i cried cannot hide the true facts of the matter, yet with me feeling better i look and i analyse, nothing is that bad and i can begin again to beat this thing that clings to my back, yes my friends i am back on track.   Thanx for all the support that helped me come to terms when i was low, this wordpress thing helps more than you know, so for now feel me grow, peace

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