As i look into the sky, i ask my God a hundred questions cos i want to know why,                     Why do i have to cry, there is so much i wanna do before i die, why o why                                    I have days when all i want to do is die, and other days i just want to try,                                     To be a better me and it grates to know it is all on me and i can actually see.              I ride this crazy rolle rcoaster of a life and i tell myself i am gonna be everything that i want to be. Sometimes though i just cant see or refuse to see as i head into destruct mode, heavy load time to take a wide berth, like a birth knowing nothing i head forth blindly, kindly          Leave me to my vices as i stick my head in vices creating personal crises, this is what i do.    Cant deny what is true just want to know why, why i try to self destruct, lost in trust that lost my trust many many moons ago, now it shows as my thoughtlessness grows.


2 thoughts on “ASK

  1. I think you’ve begun to regain your footing with this as your talent for expression reasserts itself.

    I know how painful this time of regret is and what a struggle it becomes not to to despair of one’s self.

    The best thing to do is to get focused on the present again, not the past. Regret is a punishment in the present for a mistake in the past, so if you can focus more on what you want to do now than what you did then, you might be able to break free of it.

    Hang in there my friend, you will get past this and find your way back to a batter state again. There is a goodness inside you that won’t be denied.

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