As i look into the sky, i ask my God a hundred questions cos i want to know why,                     Why do i have to cry, there is so much i wanna do before i die, why o why                                    I have days when all i want to do is die, and other days i just want to try,                                     To be a better me and it grates to know it is all on me and i can actually see.              I ride this crazy rolle rcoaster of a life and i tell myself i am gonna be everything that i want to be. Sometimes though i just cant see or refuse to see as i head into destruct mode, heavy load time to take a wide berth, like a birth knowing nothing i head forth blindly, kindly          Leave me to my vices as i stick my head in vices creating personal crises, this is what i do.    Cant deny what is true just want to know why, why i try to self destruct, lost in trust that lost my trust many many moons ago, now it shows as my thoughtlessness grows.