Two children, a boy and a girl. If I could put into words what they give me, from the providing for, the arguments, the fun and laughter, just everything. They may seem different from each other but they are really alike. She just came downstairs and was explaining how she loves to lie on her bed and listen to her music while feeling the bass moving through her, it reminded me of my love of music, as it happens I have just downloaded a program to enhance the sound of my music and am listening to Amy Winehouse as she was speaking. The boy is out with friends, he is going to uni this September and I wonder how I managed to nurture him while coping with my addictions but I did and am proud of him and myself. They give me so much I am truly blessed. I hear some parents and they give the impression that children are tiresome or a burden and it baffles me, I used to chase money street fame and glory but now I have no wealth but live comfortably with my kids. They have always had whatever they felt they needed, truthfully, and I think they are well balanced. I have always encouraged free expression so when they feel something is not right regarding me or our home they always confront me and I always listen and discuss their views. I have made many changes on their say so even if it does not suit me and that is right as we all live here. My addiction has caused a few arguments with mainly my son and I and I try but explain as best I can and up to now have not managed to completely kick the crack but I do limit my exposure as best I can. It may be once or twice a week and all I can say is that I have no girl in my life, I do not drink or smoke weed, all I do is a stone or two a week. It is all I have to look forward to regarding my own personal pleasure in life. Not much of an excuse but it is what it is. I think my stuff has given them a knowledge they would not have had, it will never be an exciting forbidden fruit for them as they know all about the downfalls, I suffered so they would not have to, kind of. Anyway we all get on so well and that is my point, I love them so so so much.


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