The other day I was having a read of posts I follow because I did not feel in the mood to post. I was drawn to a post of someone I follow and felt the need to comment. In hindsight I know that my reply said more about me than the post I commented on. I always feel the need to put people straight if I feel they are wrong, but who am I to judge, right. This is a part of my personality I have never liked but learned to accept and own. I think I commented because I did not  like and I have no right so I send an apology if I came across judgemental. I have no wish to hurt anyones feelings believe. Just one of those things right. Still I am learning at my ripe old age. Sorry Hopelessly addicted, forgive my outburst.


3 thoughts on “MY BAD

  1. Drew you have absolutely no need to apologies to me. You made me rethink what I had said ( which was written in frustration and tbh a bit childish of me) we are all learning about ourselves all the time trying to change things we don’t like. Thank you for taking the time to write this and to name me so I can respond to it. I would like to just ‘get it out there’ that I when I read it my first reaction was a bit taken aback but then thought no Drew is right, i over reacted to something that really wasn’t my business to begin with. We all have the right to voice our opinions we might not like everything we read or the comments we get back but that’s life and we can learn from it. No bad feeling this end my friend. Peace out

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