The devil moves in devilish ways, who he sends never plays. The other day, out of the blue, I receive a call while drinking a brew, not beer but a cup of tea, anyway the call for me. First let me add that since the start of the year, I jacked the crack, believed I was clear. The thoughts of crack were out of my mind, I thought I have got it this time.   Passed not one but a couple of tests when I was paid I couldn’t care less, not even one stone did I buy, it was all I could do not to cry. Eating well putting on weight, interaction with my teens all was great. Till the other day when I got the call. I was asked to wash a gram so two heads could see the return, I said I cant, tried to stand firm. He offered a hundred pounds and I could keep whatever I washed, just whack me with a cosh.  I couldn’t refuse I wanted the money, for ten minutes work I thought it was funny. You all know who are reading this post, the joke was on me I got too close. Done the deed got the cash and ended up with a .9 wash. Just under a gram is what it returned and that is the time that I got burned. Gave my kids fifty quid left with the coke yes I did. Now I have to begin all over again, got caught up in the devils plan. Be careful man.


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