The look of love, the flutter of excitement deep in the depth of a frame, ask for a name.       New love can turn life around, if found, sometimes it can be up and down.            The smell of clean hair, the touch of a curl, fingers entwined, thoughts of the time,           New memories for the memory bank, need to know, now your a blank.        Your name sounds great, you look pretty cool, I want a mate, but don’t need a fool.                          How are you all alone, no one to turn to for comfort, something I don’t know?                     I want to know it all, what time to call and when to stay clear, colour, a parents worst fear.    Love is amazing when two fall together, but beware, it could bring stormy weather.  Certain people can be toxic together, just cause pain and hurt each other,               Even love cant bring them closer, if damage occurred, to each as a youngster. Love brings joy and lightens moods, makes the world a nice place, all fluffy and smooth.       Then the new sex, anticipating, patiently waiting, until the right time.          Love is blind, love is cool, love is love, through and through, don’t let it go if it visits you.


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