Travelling along the route of life, left and right and straight ahead, sometimes back on a previous track, life is like that. If you get far enough then life will teach you how to negate. Life is great. So many paths, endless mazes, life is full of surprises. Good, some bad,  constant learning from the journey, love the paths, stuck on wrong turns often,            Get pissed off often, always though i still blossom, and grow, i have it in me.                       Been so high, naturally, been so high medically, also I have been very low,                          Times when i believed i did not know where next to go, cried the tears, fought my fears.     Now i am writing to let you know, keep on living and you will grow, learn, earn, and more.  Life has so so much to offer, love experience, love of a brother, a mother and also a lover. Feel your damage and don’t allow it to hold you back, try your best to stay on your track.      Self belief is a nice tool to have at the ready, wear it as your armour, stay steady.


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