Friends that have been and gone leave memories never to be forgotten. I keep my homies alive every time i think on em.          Amy went too soon, how come? Why can a special talent with offerings to share with the globe, not get old?   That is fuckery, believe me. The worst traits in humans were exposed, greed, loneliness, when we saw what happened to the poor girl. The industry showed no love, her parents showed no love, Lord above forgive us.

We are a strange people, who move forward at such a pace, we have no equal. We have a passion to destroy, expect no sequel.    People. After a friend moves on, the tendency is to forget the few times you knocked heads, just remember his best. Cept that for all we learned about life together, the thing that pops up is the argument that was never resolved. Time was our best friend when we was beefin, how could I have known he would soon be leaving? His heart would stop breathing? I cried a gangster tear when I heard, I aint heathen!

How do you prepare for something like that? Still in limbo now, left here still like that. Did we fall out over a woman? some major incident to turn a brothers heart stone cold?               Fresh from jail, after a life changing experience, six years with hardened villains doing life.  Rumour was he got moved down south to avoid becoming a wife, it changed  him.     Out side he struggled to trust, he tried to adjust, but it was all too much.   Something that happened inside made something inside him die. He turned to crack, he went to black. Found after a day or three, lay out on his settee. The crack spattered with his blood, his last act to defile the very thing that took him way too soon, life can be cruel.   We argued about rap music I will say no more, not enough to fall out for, but there was a change in the dynamic and two parts that used to gel, now didn’t work too well, oh well.

Nothing can change the good times that we shared, but why is he gone while I am spared?  Not the only friend I have had and lost on my journey so far, I have come so far.            If I was to go tomorrow in a sudden surprising way, I swear I have had my day, and day and day.  Most of my time has been spent in play, so many nights and days, drifting away.          Nothing I aint done that I want to, I done it all, too much sometime, shivery line.  I had it fine, real good times.       I have been chosen to stay and tell the story of my friends.   Where their journey ends, to where it begun, I will do my best sons.


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