Couple Paragraphs

Junior made his mind up, there was no way he was going to stay here all day. He had his teenage daughter with him and she would not put up with it for a start. “I am going to take Tisha to go see if Sonya’s in” is what he told Preb. What he thought was going to happen is another story. People change, times change, and yesterday bears no resemblance to now. This had slowly dawned on him since he arrived the night before. Thursday night on Skype arrangements were made to hook up with good friends and party the weekend away. Preb promised Junior that things was good. At around six in the morning Tisha walked in and Preb told her to come Leeds with her dad. She was up for it, so it was on. Junior believed that we would be around female company to make Tisha feel comfortable. Wrong! Preb was drunk and under the influence of coke when he made the offer to come over so after eating his girl went home and Junior asked him what was going on, Preb explained that he does not like to be seen with her too much. “You told me my daughter could chill with her daughter, that is why i brought her with me” Junior began breathing deeply to counter the anger he felt building within. We prepared his room for Tisha, and she went in with her tablet. It was around midnight. Jordan and Preb sat drinking beer, smoking a little bud and chewing the fat. After a minute Junior could sense that Preb was acting differently. They kept in touch through Skype and the phone, Preb had twice visited for a weekend the previous year, but Junior would have had one eye on his kids, as a lone parent. Now relaxing together Junior thought he saw a change in his young friend. They felt close enough to state each felt a brotherly love for the other. How could he invite my kid to come without even thinking about consequence. He was a civil servant for twenty five years, this is not an ignorant guy, he was using his reduncancy money to fund a cocaine dealing business and although he always reported favourably on his progress, there were more than a few times he was wasted. When asked he swore he only used an eigth tops and that it paid for itself. Preb had a lot of ideas for the future and wanted to let Junior know all about it, until he changed subject and said, “I am going to get off to my girl’s house”

Junior could not believe what he was hearing. He spent a lot of time working on himself as a person, trying to be a better person every day, but at this moment he lost control of his emotion. Mainly he was concerned how this would seem to his daughter, so he exploded. The outcome was that Preb would stay and tomorrow Junior would go home. They talked through the night, they were cool. Breakfast was eventful, Preb got involved in a text war with his neighbor. The neighbor threatened him with all manner of retribution including the police. The whole thing started when Preb ran to the corner shop in his slippers and on stepping outside of his front door he was met with a present from the cat above. When he returned from the shop he wrote a note and went and knocked on next door, well the flat above, and handed his note to his neighbor after waking her up with his banging on her door. So started the text wars,  Junior left before the final act. He had not been in Leeds for over ten years barring one day at Leeds carnival in 2008, now here he was in the old streets with his fifteen year old daughter. One of his closest friends back then were a family, but he fell out with the dad of the family so had not been in touch for a long time. Today he would go and say hello, while in Leeds, he thought. The rain started falling lightly as they stood at a bus stop, Tisha began to get impatient and Junior took long deep breaths to help him maintain.

Walking toward the house the rain picked up a little bit, Junior stopped and turned round, “don’t tell me we are lost” Tisha looked at her dad accusingly, “we are not lost, chill out” he saw a lady in an upstairs window and waved his arms to get her attention.

They missed the last right and Junior had explained to Tisha that after ten years you are allowed to forget a road. Eventually they were facing two doors and Junior was explaining that it was one of the two but he was not sure which one so he would knock on both. Tisha just looked at him, he smiled at her cheek.

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