Chlamydia, is a sexually transmitted disease, that is passed on from person to person during unprotected sex. Why am I telling you this? My daughter was sat talking to me about her day at school. She discussed a few topics before she told me about a girl at school who is earning a reputation for herself. My daughter then asked me what chlamydia was as this girl has it, apparently. Well as I sift through the old memory banks I decide this is a good time to have a talk about sex, with her. I told her that an std gets passed on during unprotected sex, and chlamydia and gonnhorea are the two most common diseases passed on. Anybody having unprotected sex is vulnerable. I explained that once a person gets infected they will usually find out themselves, the symptoms include, an unfamiliar discharge, check any underwear you have worn or an unusual smell. The thing to do if you think you have an std is to make an appointment at a clinic or you can see your gp who will refer you to the clinic or treat you themselves. The treatment is usually a two week course of tablets (antibiotics) or an injection in your behind. It is more embarrassing and time consuming than anything else really. You are subjected to having a nurse put a swab in your penis/vagina and swirling it round a few times before getting dressed again. There is a misconception that only people who sleep around can get an std but that is a myth. Anybody is vulnerable to getting an infection if they have sex unprotected, so the answer is to make sure you ask a partner to use a condom. I told my daughter that if you have started to get into it with a boy until you are telling him to put a condom on, then it is best to make sure that she has a condom with her at all times. This is because if you begin with a boy and ask him to use a condom at the last minute then there is the chance he has not got one with him. You have not either so what do you do?  Well, I can tell you before it happens. The situation becomes critical and if that sounds extreme then let me explain, firstly unprotected sex can lead to a girl becoming pregnant and if that is not what she wants then problems occur. If you have reached the point where you are about to have sex then find out there is no condom, what do you do? A boy has reached the point where he has an erection and thinks he is about to penetrate his girl so he can get angry or upset and he can lose control and begin to force the situation and nobody wants that to occur. It may be the girl who loses control and she wants the boy to penetrate her, with him not wanting to, desire takes controlling by the time you have built up to the situation, believe me. It may be both of you and the girl will listen to him when he begs and says he will pull out before he ejaculates, it sounds like a great idea at that moment, except that the same control you do not have, you will still not have when the time comes, lol. The end result could be pregnancy, an std, or worse case scenario aids.

The best thing to do as a girl, is, if you get to a time when you know you are ready to begin having sexual relations, then you make sure that you carry condoms, do not leave the most important decision in the hands of a randy boy. Do not listen when some of your friends do not agree, they are not living your life, you make sure you protect yourself from worry stress panic std or pregnancy. YOLO.


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