A door just like most doors in the area, solid wood, painted red.
A small window with frosted glass, letterbox and a spyhole complete. On the other side the sound of feet. Same door creates many different emotions I find, inside a man, kind, generous indulgent and fair. A man not easy to scare. Yet scared, he has felt, one time or another. Visitors to the door from enemy to a brother, create all kinds of feelings from summer to summer. To feel tense and tight inside when the debt man arrives, knock knock knock on the door, makes him lie down on the floor. Hiding like a child playing hide and seek because he never paid his bill that week. Or unbounded joy when his child comes through the door from school, see him play and act the fool. The door creates diverse emotion, sorrow, fear fun and anger, surprise to see a distant stranger. The police knocking on the door causes worry, here for me?
A girlfriend brings excitement to the door, if you know what she is here for. Dirty tricks are bound to backfire, karma, here comes the drama. Just an ordinary red wooden door, responsible for so much more than opening and closing, what will it bring?

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