The xmas from hell came around in 2015, yet I am still standing strong, a little bit wiser. So what happened in my home this year? Well I in my wisdom decided to invite the mother of my children for xmas day. I made the decision for the sake of my daughter and maybe a little for myself, for the company. My son did not want his mum at the house but he put up with her for his sisters sake, and mine. Anyway our goodwill was seriously misguided as the day turned into a disaster. 8am and I am downstairs after opening presents with the kids. We were going to prepare breakfast for the kids who were upstairs when their mother jumped up and then fell violently into the new coffee table. Her eye smacked viciously on the corner of the table as she fell and landed on the floor, then came a series of convulsions as she dribbled from her mouth. I was scared stiff as I did not know what was happening. I felt like vomiting when I saw the force of the connection with the table, it was sickening.  She came to and appeared disorientated for a while and then insisted that she did not know what occurred.  I did not want the children to know what had taken place so kept it on the low. Later I came downstairs to find her on the floor with the most ugly looking bump on her forehead with a little blood smeared across the wall where she landed. She was coming round so I missed the fit but she had wet herself so I ran a bath and provided some clean clothes. I rearranged the furniture so she could not hurt herself and sat her in the middle of the couch. Maybe an hour later she starts having spasms on the couch so I had to phone an ambulance. I was in shock, the ambulance took her to hospital and I had to carry on with the dinner but to my surprise I felt tears welling up and noticed my boy looking at me so I went to my room where I kind of broke down crying. I have not shed tears for many years so I was surprised to say the least. I quickly pulled myself together and put on a brave face and continued with the day. In the evening the kids went to a family party and I felt relieved that they would be able to unwind in a happy situation. I also wanted the time to process on my own. There was a knock on the door and puzzled I went to answer, only to see her standing there. She had left hospital and walked back, she claimed. Then she begins to say that they gave her Librium and that she has had enough. She tells me she is going to quit and me being naïve believed every word. I let her stay over making sure she was comfortable. She left the next day to go back home. My daughter went to visit and when she got home told us her mum was drunk. OMG. I have decided to end all concern in the future. The kids are old enough to go and visit her anytime they wish but I am closing that chapter forever. Merry xmas.


3 thoughts on “MERRY, XMAS?

      1. Only as in he’s in jail so getting myself together and stronger for his release coz I don’t doubt he will want to move back home with me, but I can’t live in the chaos of addiction any more 😊

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