Earth At Xmas

As the Christmas festivities are in full swing around the country, I rejoice. What a wonderful time when we have so much choice.       Presents are given and also received, look around unbelievable greed.   I include myself I am guilty as charged, I waste plenty with no regard.    Looking out for our fellow man is the point of the season, but media outlets suggest another reason. Since September we have been bombarded with images of Christmas cheer telling us to spend spend spend on all kinds of gear.   The true message has been hijacked from everyday man, but, I am afraid that this is part of the plan.  We do as we are told without question, and forget all about helping our fellow man. Shame on us a nation of fools, are fooled. Buying all we can see wanting sparkling jewels.

The balance of life is so uneven, why no snow in this wonderful season?  The eco system is all askew, I am no scientist yet I knew. Forests so beautiful like nothing on earth, they also have a use, taking co2. The ice at the top of the world has a function too, it is not there for its magnificent view. Everything in the world that we inhabit, has a reason for being yet we are trying to stop it. Seasons are changing, weather is amazing, from when I grew, everything has changed for me and you. Flooding and drought and the media disguise the truth, what will become of our precious youth. What are our leaders doing to stop the oncoming catastrophe, spending the wealth haphazardly. Weapons are traded for billions of dollars, what is the point with tragedy upon us.  The earth needs protecting from us as a people, cos if we do not we will all end up equal. Equally dead as mother nature fights back and I feel we are on the wrong track. We spend money on wars for no other reason than greed, when truth be told there is enough to feed, all the people of the world, boys and girls. We as humans seem intent on destroying the earth that supports us with no eye on the future. Killing so many species along the way, why wont we see that we need to stop our current trajectory?  The ice is melting, deforestation is destroying species galore, animals that will be no more. Billions of years of evolution changed forever by our pollution. Nearly all the elephants are gone, can you understand what is happening, polar bears are declining at unbelievable speed, we are drilling the Arctic, pure greed. The earth is balanced and we are changing the system at an alarming rate of speed, soon we will have no need cause the Earth will fight back. Tsunamis and floods the Earths attack. So in this season of giving in we want to carry on living we must appeal to our leaders with all our voices before it is too late and we run out of choices.


3 thoughts on “Earth At Xmas

  1. Drew, I really notice how much your writing has improved since you started this blog. Not that it was “bad” before, but it’s smoother now and its meaning comes across more clearly.

    You have bared your soul, have showed yourself honestly, and most of all, you have persisted. Did you ever imagine you’d be so drawn into regular blogging?

    I sure didn’t think I would… until I was 🙂

    May this New Year bring out the best in you and yours.

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