Just finished my last post, a poem of sorts, when the phone starts ringing. It is 1.15am and I am wondering who the hell is ringing at this time of the night. I answer the phone to hear the mother of my children sounding panicky and I immediately start worrying. Calm down, what’s up?  Legs, her boyfriend, the one who calls me racist names, not to my face I add, is ill and has had a fit. She is worried and wants to know if I know of any place that sells alcohol at this time of night. I tell her I will ask someone and phone right back. I have a friend but do not have his number so I log on to my EE account and look through all the numbers I have called in the last month as I know my mates number ends in 90. Finding it, phoning him, he tells me of a place that is open till 2.30am and asks me if I can get him a can of strong lager as he is a bit ill himself. I promise to get him a can and phone J back. She asks me to order a taxi and pick her up, which I do. On the way to get her the driver tells me of a place that will definitely be open so when she gets in the taxi we head to the garage to get this beer. I jump out and get a big bottle of cider and 2 cans of special brew which she pays for. I try and talk sense to her because her boyfriend is slowly killing himself and if it happens in front of her she will be devastated. She assures me she has appointments to attend in order to get the ball rolling for her to get a place in a detox. We arrive at hers and she gives me the taxi fare and a twenty pound note that legs told her to give me. I did not expect that but took it anyway. Got home and made a drinking chocolate and began writing it up. This is a man who gives her a hard time if she comes to see her kids and does not like her talking to me on the phone when it is always to do with the kids but now he needs help he calls me. I surprised myself by the way I just tried to help without questioning the situation. It just goes to show how an addiction will make people do stuff they would never do. I actually feel sorry for him, and her because alcohol is worse than class A drugs once you are addicted to it. I do not have alcohol of any kind in my home as my kids have lost their mum to it. Addiction is a motherfucker. Anyway I am going to finish my chocolate and go to bed as I am feeling a bit tired, peace out for now.

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