Make me good. I doubt that my mind is right. How can it possibly be? How do you know or do you just know because if you do then i know my mind is not “right” I am sure it aint. I am either too happy or too sad, or is it because my brain is adjusting to not having crack to deal with? Who knows, i do know i feel crazy though. I do not think i am normal but what can i do about that? I just take each day and hope i do not affect too many people. Life is fucking crazy anyway, the lies, the hopelessness, the fear, the misery, the joy, the pain and the human factor.Z


  1. Re: “I do not think i am normal but what can i do about that?”

    Why would you want to be normal?

    The people I admire are usually the ones who don’t entirely conform, who don’t always follow social conventions, who don’t always think and talk about the normal things. They view life from an unusual angle, show an unusual curiosity toward the world, and are unusually aware of not only what’s happening around them, but what’s happening inside them.

    Being unusual means you can’t just turn off your brain and follow the crowd, and you don’t have the same default reactions to your environment as most others, so you have to think about, evaluate, and decide your actions as you go through life. In general, an “unusual” life is much more interesting and thought provoking than a “normal” one – and much more difficult and strenuous too 😦

    Some of us cannot be normal because our bodies and/or minds are doing abnormal things (pain, fatigue, addiction, etc.), and we’re forced into a “not normal” life to deal with the hand we’ve been dealt. We can’t just coast through life on virtual auto-pilot. It’s both a blessing and a curse. But while the curse is guaranteed, we have to think and work hard to gather any “blessings” from the situation.

    So, I agree that you are unusual and not “normal”, but in my mind, that’s exactly what makes you so interesting!

  2. I love crazy, abnormal. My go to base password on for so long was “imafreak”…..We just do the best we can to deal in the moment. Everyone is crazy to some degree – but who has the courage to admit it and BE WHO YOU ARE!

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