T he World’s A Jail

Strange things going on, seems like someone has a strategy, and it is working. What is important to me and also to you, who is the enemy?           What can we all do when it is hard to see what is going on around us?            To my knowledge Isil did not claim responsibility(in France) although they praised the operation. Yet the next day headlines screamed Muslims. All across Europe, muslims fleeing Syria spread out through Europe, in Calais on the other side of the English channel there is a swathe of land now called the Jungle where thousands of refugees have come to a halt and turned the area into a massive camp. Each night numbers risk life and limb attempting to smuggle themselves into the UK, jumping onto moving lorries. A crowd of twenty five thousand gathered in Germany voicing concern over the amount of refugees, while the Govt has no legislation to deal with the situation. If you look closely you can see the plan coming together nicely for someone. Thousands of anti western muslims are relocating to the west due to them being displaced and murdered and bombed from their land by the west while the media whip the people into a frenzy with the anti muslim rhetoric. It could not be going smoother for the people planning everything, but who would destroy lives, countries, economies subjecting generations to misery and debt, and for what reason? I mean imperialism does head this way if allowed to flourish which it obviously is right now. Russia are pointing out that the US is behind the Isil, Isreal plot right now. The UN comes down on Russia while Putin shows his backing for Assad and Turkey take down a Russian plane, they trade with Isil for cheap oil and tell Russia they can do nothing to them. It looks like Europe is heading for war and we are being manipulated by Banking that runs goverments. The media could tell the truth and to be fair there are a few out there trying to get the truth out but journalists are being arrested in Turkey and in the US an indian author has just beat a ridiculous case brought against him by the govt, our right to free speech is being challenged and i worry for the future. Peace brothers and sisters.


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