Did something new today. I went for a long walk around my area, all over, to the village till it began to chuck it down and i turned around. When i left home I had no clue as to where I would walk but i found myself heading towards the old haunts and stuff. I am going to do the same tomorrow but i will head out the opposite way. The streets were deserted due to the time of day plus the miserable weather which i liked tbh. I found myself thinking on all kinds of things really, plus I felt good as if it was exercise. The rain had my bottoms kind of wet but the weather changed again and became windy. I began to dry off a bit although I did not mind at all. I turned up the Old road toward the chemist to pick up my subutex for the day. I was flirting with the staff in the chemist and we ended up laughing out loud for a short while. Had a chat with a few ladies in Morrisons when I got cereal for tomorrows breakfast. When I finally arrived home and sat down I thought on my trip.


    1. yeah, I think it was something you wrote that made me do it, was supposed to go today but got busy. yesterday I ended up walking toward where I used to score, weird but next time I am going the other way, thanx

      1. Well done… I use a technique that allows you to stop, think and make good decisions when your brain go’s off on one about scoring… Your brain needs to be retrained… Rewired… It’s possible… Walk everyday, meditate twice a day for 10 mins that clears crossed pathways in your head… eat something with vegetables in if… Make smoothies., get the routine going… Come back to me after you’ve done a week clean doing these things and I’ll tell you how to deal with the chatter that goes on in your head… It’s what got me over the line… Shit gets better my friend… Just gotta stick with the program… Blessings dude.

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