Another drug free week for me but I have to admit that I have a chest infection and have not even been smoking burn as it makes me cough up a lung, lol. Still though I have not pined for a stone and considering I was on a downward spiral I think I have done well to stop the rot. The attacks in Paris have dominated headlines in the media and even my son has been watching the news, and asking me questions. The fear that something will happen in the U.K. is real for us and knowing he is going to watch Man. City v Liverpool tomorrow brings thoughts to my mind. Our prime minister has been wanting us to send planes to Syria for a while and was defeated when he put it to parliament last time, I guess he will be using the attacks to strengthen his case as I have noticed a few intelligence agencies trying to put blood on the hands of Snowden which is disgraceful as they are just using this to their own ends. The challenge now is to deal with the root causes and not to  just react. Across Europe there is widespread unemployment among young people and some believe there is a generation of youth that has been lost. When you have so many teens with no direction it is easy for radicals to convince them and make them feel valuable. If nothing is done to help bring the young back into the real world then we can expect more of the same before things ever get better I fear. One of the things I find myself worrying about is our loss of freedom as crazy as that might sound. When I was a teen I was involved in the Moss Side riots and the thing that made me want to be involved more than anything was the fact that the police had the suss law as we called it then, the right to stop us on the street and search us. My group of mates consisted of three blacks two mixed race and one white, and we played football from morning to night daily culminating in a walk to the heart of Moss Side for some food and a drink. The amount of times we got stopped and hassled was not right and changed the atmosphere of the group every time. Not one of us were criminal minded but I could sense the animosity the stops created. Now the govt has a law whereby they have the power to hold an individual for thirty days without charge if they say they fear a terrorist link. In the USA it is worse as I hear a person can be held for a crime the police feel a person “might” commit, that is real scary and needs intervention. If things like this are used in response to terror then we are gradually losing our freedom and that is not good. If allowed to carry on as is pretty soon these so called FEMA camps will be full and when they come to your door everyone that could help will be locked away secretly. This sounds like a dictatorship. I am waffling on now, I am doing well on the crack front and am glad about that, PEACE TO ALL.


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  1. Congratulation brother Drew. I am happy to hear that you are doing well without the use. I pray that the chest infection clears up and all will be well. I hear you on the terrorist concerns. It is a shame what happened in Paris and my prayers and condolences are with everyone there. I feel saddened that we have come to this point in our societies that its ok to lock people up for suspicion of terrorist thinking. We have become so fearful to live out our lives as a result. Our youth are just as impressionable here in the states too. Lack of education, jobs and leadership plays a major role and kids are just looking to be recognized. Everyone want to feel like they are noticed and not neglected or forgotten. I pray everyday that the world wakes up and we can all just one day get along. Its a sad state we are in now. I am more fearful now of death than I was when I was using. I didn’t care about dying then. Now that I want to live it will be just my luck that I am riding the train here in NY and a bomb goes off. Crazy way to think but these are the times we live in. Truly sad. I haven’t been keep up with you and others here in blog world but that changes now. I am making time to reach out to everyone on a regular basis and get back in touch. Thank you for all your support and encouragement my brother. Peace and blessing to you and your family.

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