Great weekend just passed, and it has left me feeling refreshed and invigorated. My daughter and me went to Leeds on Friday night to visit a friend. I should explain that i have a few friends in Leeds as I used to live there in the nineties. What with the heroin addiction and more recently the crack problem I lost touch with everyone, as you generally do when addicted to class A. More recently though I have been making an effort to pull myself from the grip  of the crack cocaine and am pleased to be able to say that I am doing well on that score. Anyway I was skyping my friend on Thursday night and he suggested that I travel over for the weekend which seemed a good idea. When my daughter was asked if she wanted to come with me she was more than happy to join me. The coach that we were booked on left Manchester at 7pm and arrived in Leeds city centre at 8pm. We jumped in a taxi and in no time were in my mates flat.

We had a laugh that night and as it had been ten years since my last visit I decided to look up a few more friends the following day. I nearly forgot where my mate and his family lived but after asking someone I was guided to the front door and when they saw me and my daughter at the door we were welcomed in as if it was yesterday when we last saw each other. My daughter was amazed to meet a family who were so friendly and when they began to tell her stories of how I used to light up the dance floor at their parties she couldnt believe she was only just meeting them. That I am afraid is what being on drugs does for you. You end up losing touch with everyone not involved in drugs and it becomes your only interest. Anyway we ended up staying till Sunday night and had the best time catching up. We promised to keep in touch and I intend to make the effort to go over regularly as my daughter made friends with their kids and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed coming over. I always used to travel to Leeds before the drugs. It was also good for my daughter and myself to get out of the house and do something together. I feel great.

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