The most beautiful gift, a life. How can anything beat the actual fact of being a human being? So many options become available after receiving  the gift of life. To sit alone with your thoughts can be absolutely terrifying for some yet ultimately rewarding. Look at your power and it becomes clear that life is that original unmatched gift you could ever need. The only other factor life needs is connection. Connection is the bond which life needs to blossom and grow wether that growth is negative or positive, it is the connection which life needs  to take shape.

From the connection the life takes shape. Without connection the body which carries life would slowly wither and die. The connection dictates  the growth. Where I find my connections did not help me without them I would not be here. So I could bemoan my lot, not being able to discuss childhood connections, too painful to dredge up, but without them, what?

Sitting down this evening for a few hours with my son, talking, joking, etc I take as the most important of all life. Although I have the ability to freeze my connections without feeling loss, I also recognize that they made me who I am. I could elaborate but I get it and I am basically putting myself straight but if you read and get the connection angle then I am pleased for you

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