No regrets

YO what the fuck do I owe you really though, what did you give me?

I aint even going into it, fuck that shit. How long does a day take? How long?

About a day, it takes a day to make a day. How long when you in pain? The same day?

I am here to say, a little bit longer, now imagine a few minutes of that day if you can,

You dont have to even be in pain, you can be getting a tan, whatever you want

I wont ask you to do the same with a year, but have no fear, it takes a year, trust

Just imagine the outcome, so what the fuck am I supposed to do? and what about the police too?

Fuck a brother s’posed to do so i SAY AGAIN fuck you, you dont even have a clue, no idea

I do not want to hear whatever anyone says, walk in my shoes and feel my pain, then dont complain?

Fuck you and what you think I am in and out before you can blink, thats what you made me

So if I might seem a little crazy dont try and pretend that you never made me

My squad had no out if u look way back, a record but no money like what you get from crack.

I like gold and nice clothes and I like to look good too, expensive car cruise through my hood, who would

Not? A lot really but not me, obviously, and damn i aint got no apology, damn


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