What do i expect of me? I know it is different to your reality, naturally. What is expected from me?

Education was my first rebellion, cut off my nose to spite my face. A cry for help I expect, except

What does it matter now anyway, know what I mean? I expect I carried on without stopping

Expect too much thats what the fuck, In the habit of destruction, keep pushing my luck

That slow and painful process where you sneakily look for a way out of the process,

But you end up going through a process anyway, and it becomes another day,

Till it becomes the past and you are left useless and no good, alone in the hood

Sooner or later it becomes too easy, feel me? thats whats up, its easy to see

What the hell can distract me, exactly, same old story, nothing unusual just another life

But wait a minute this is where i came in, and this is my life, dont really wanna hurt my people

I always known we all equals, why am I gonna do that? You show me without preparation

Kill half my fucking nation, and the remains aint pretty ask me, thats whats happening

Showing out on the back of crack, they protect that shit like whats happening

What did you expect


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