Friday, early evening. Autumn. Nice. This week has been a success where the crack is concerned. I made a decision last week to change up a few things, and I am pleased to be able to say nothing has changed. I began exercising last week and although I missed Tuesday and Wednesday, I still worked the others culminating with an hour of training today. After each training session I have to take a bath and put on fresh clothes before going out. The difference in the way I feel when I step out is like night and day. I puff my chest out and walk a bit taller as I feel great and healthy. The strength of body translates to strength of the mind so with drinking plenty of water and training I have more power to be able to say no. I had a few days this week where I could of scored but didnt. I did buy a couple on my payday but i sweated that out the next day. Usually I would have had a few more than two so I feel a victory, plus now I have paid my bills and shopped I am skint so am back fully focused. Time I next get paid I will be even stronger so my will will be stronger too. I feel great. Got an older son and his wife and my grandson coming for dinner on Sunday so did a Jamaican shop today as I am cooking chicken and rice and kidney beans while we watch the derby together. Manchester United v Manchester City, massive game in Manchester on Sunday. I am blue he is red his girl is blue and my son at home is blue so big rivalry involved. Looking forward to the day, always nice to spend time with family.

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