We are all equal, then after that its a choice between good and evil. If u good then i would fuck wit u if u evil i will keep u on. the sidelines, I am not up for being involved in no crimes. I am not perfect I aint about to apologise.

Its not for me to judge a body for how they live their lives. Some take it easy others go about it hardcore. We are all different thats what we have the law for, If I am wrong well, thats what I say my prayers for.

I myself like to live my life without too much drama, if u send out bad it comes right back this is karma. Had my battles been involved in many wars, got my memories right next to my scars. Now that I am older I like to give advice to those that are coming up and younger than me. I suppose the knowledge that I have is why they call me an O.G.

No matter what advice I might give to another, they gonna live their life the way that they wanna,I already know this but i still pass on what I know, then stand back watch these motherfuckers grow. All kids are basically good, most need a little guidance, it would not be right for me to be around and just stay silent.

I will always honour my status as an O.G. I only wanna help those I see around me. I believe we should all help one another anyway as standard, thats the way God planned it. Todays media objective is to make you believe the opposite. I do not care what they say I am down to help my fellow man and woman anyway.


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