SO I started with the same chance as everyone else. Mixed race, no mother at home, had to look out for my younger brother. All pretty much standard stuff. Few violent beatings from my first stepmum, hello nice to meet you too. Foster care for two years, dont remember a visit from dad, went to church, bible class on thursdays as the father of the house was a priest. One other family of three at same time, big house. Little bit overweight through my first addiction, comfort eating. Reading Enid Blyton while eating made me feel at peace. Nice family in the books, famous five. Messed around in school, rebelled hard against authority. Not a single pass, I spent a lot of time getting noticed, arguing with teachers, playing truant. Suppose i was hoping for a way out of my predicament. Second stepmum, released from care. Just be fair. Not a chance, accusations, extra housework, bad atmosphere clear  ly if you hear it was all bad, every day sad. So I started with the same chance. Ihave beeen addicted to masturbation, weed, tobacco, gambling, sex, crack, heroin, both, and crack again


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