Another year, another birthday. Good or bad? I do not worry that I have ticked off another year, quite the opposite really as I tend to remember friends who are no longer with us. A lot of people I have known closely have passed away over the years and this makes me feel blessed to just be here today. The big 5, 2. Yes I have reached the ripe old age of 52 and still feel young at heart. I was awake at 6.15am and was attacked as I passed the bedroom door of my daughter. She was laughing and hitting my arm giving me birthday beats, this was followed by a card that was from her brother and herself. I was truly made up and it felt great seeing how happy she was for me. How can I not feel special? I was reminded that I had to be ready to represent her at parents evening later in the day and I assured her I would be bathed shaved and in clean clothes by the time she returned from school. My son had put twenty pounds in the card as he has a part time job, and gave it on behalf of them both. How good is that? I have two special children and I know it. I got the biggest hug from my son when he woke for college which was special as now he is a young man we do not often hug, naturally. I have to reach up to get my arms round him and this took me back to the days when I used to carry him on my shoulders when he was a nipper. Special memories. After they left I went through the house on a cleaning blitz and then went out to get a fifteen pound stone. The afternoon was spent peacefully playing xbox while taking time to make the smoke last. Around 3.10 I began preparing myself for parents evening which went smoothly I might add. Home, cook feed and tidy before sitting in front of the tv with a bottle of beer, I only need one. I was joined by my two for around an hour and we had a good chit chat and a laugh. I got a few best wishes on FB so all in all I have enjoyed my fifty second birthday and feel blessed


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    1. Good is all I can expect at my age, but my kids love and attention made the day so special. Dread the day they grow and go but that is my job to make sure they are prepared for the world. Thanx

      1. Yes birthdays by yourself are a bit of a non starter but I am sure your kids will come back and celebrate daddy’s birthday even if they are not living with you – er and at your age? Ha ha know that feeling every year!

  1. Sounds like you had a very satisfying birthday. What made it special was you, your appreciation for your kids and your life in general.

    I think that’s what birthdays are for: to step back and look at all we have to be thankful for.

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