Girls, so many, what amma gonna do wid em, have em use em then im thru with em.

See I bin on this player shit for the longest, u watchin me cos u want this. Well

Not every one can be a player homes, you don’t got it don’t even try, I got this thing locked

From now yesterday till the day I finally die. You don’t wanna be like Mike you wanna be like me, nigga that aint easy, trust me, I got it tight, you alright?

So many girls in my world, so many tears on my pillow, u already know

There is Tracy, Lesley, Sharron, Karren and Gina. Then there is Amy, Susan, Rhonda and Katrina. Love em and leave em that’s the title that they gave me. Some wanna sex me some wanna save me. Then u got the ones that wanna have my baby, nigga shit gets crazy.

Homies they be asking    me whats my secret, they say u get all the cake and then I just eat it

This is my life and like MJ nigga I just beat it. Can u believe it?

With each passing day my rep gets bigger, and like Man City I will always be a winner.


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