Confused Earth

So confusing every place and situation, every town city village and nation. What to believe, who to trust, what is false, truth, just, unjust.
Get to the truth, basic or complex. Turn which way, right or left?
Confusion reigns supreme in my head, be a historian study the dead.
So many words conflicting ideas, many hide out from others fears.
Strange that life cannot be so easy, half the world crying out “free me”
The other half content to manipulate wealth, thier goal individual self.
The queen in my country rides around in new Bentleys, not a care in the world, while over in India they sell little girls.
Such difference exists in every corner of every country,
Some are forced to believe what they are told, the punishment for refusal, unable to grow old.
Confusion keeps the world askjng questions, too many to mention.
The extremes from top to bottom have ordinary folk trying to unravel
And so it goes on,no clarity soon, can u believe we put man on the moon?
Someday, the price we all have to face will be destructive, for destroying this place,we call home. Why do we sit and wait uncaring,
While knowing this earth was made for sharing?

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