A Life

A life, feel, think, desire, need. Regret a life. Inspire a life. What is a life.
Purpose and drive for change, alone no change or chance, so a life.
Without, within, question a sin, or not. Still the breath inside goes on.
Reason, living breathing, feeling, hurt relief, aged brief, and more.
We live so have life. Meaning if anything life. Answer this is life.
If not here for a moment, life is a life. To a century from a second.
Rise to be heard, a life. Gone too soon, a life. Which if any penetrate.
Known and adored, by a few or many, hated despised by any.
A life still. Still a life. Thoughts, feelings, life prescribed. Fleeting.
Created, meeting, bound entwined, closely bound, known alone
A life.


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