You, yes for you I keep a special place in my heart,

Been that way since the start, you know I know, we know

The question is where do we go, and do we go fast or slow. I want you so much I lose control.

Always though we find obstacles barring our happiness, I guess, If we fight we can succeed

My friend my love my desire my one true need. In the mirror I see you looking at me

You see me back and know my thought process. Then you tell me I’m a mess.

Some days we hurt each other, someone is out the door, insecurities set in,

Parents have so much to answer for, we cant let fear win.

The love we share scares us both it is clear, friends say end it we don’t hear.

Hurting each other through lack of trust, loving each other with vital lust.

Form, shape endearing smile, scented sweet, imprint on my memory

I cry at night hope you never leave me, but how can you stay near me?

Moody stubborn untrusting you will not yield, I back down begrudgingly

Playing games wont keep you near me more likely you fear me, I am lost.

A whirlwind rages between us yet we fight against all odds to stay together

Damn you damn me too, am I a fool, are we cool? I cant go on the pain

But I love you constantly, on my brain. Every morning I see you again

And fall in love all over again. My enemy my heart my forever friend.

So much drama we tear each other to pieces, then cry together, never ceases

To amaze, we are crazed its clear. I hurt myself to have you stay at my side

This is the wildest ride I have known, full grown my mind fluctuates daily, its crazy

Crazy for each other someone needs to be brave enough to end this before its too late

I have not the strength have you? Until you have we carry on loving and hurting

Fire and ice keep us uncertain, ice and fire we keep hurting, the delicious pain


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