LIGHT and the Need To Stay On It

Summer near the end again, sun still blazin
Are we in for an Indian, we all hope yes
Nothing like the sun to raise your spirit, i confess
Feel the heat on your skin, feel blessed.
Settle into a familiar routine stay on point
I have no time to waste, pput down the joint.
Have a plan and i aim to stick to it
Stack everything in front of me
Watch me run through it. Gotta do it
Just do it thats nike right? Right.
Light is my destiny, accept any prayer for me
No man is an island, we have to stick together
Those that would see us in darkness
Are devilishly clever, and have a start
Keep the focus no distraction from the real
Shit happens i know how that feels.
Make it temporary at best, built to last
And i know we all sometime crash
Climb back and absorb that light intesnsify
Spread love share happiness give your smile freely
And believe me, it spreads like infection
We have to show our generation before we move on
Closer to the sun. Heal the soul of our planet
This is not how we want it. PEACE


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