Summers End

Summer holidays are over for this year. A few changes take effect now, as it is the last year for my daughter,  last year for my son at college so they both have a lot to deal with and i am at thier disposal, obviously. It is hard to know exactly what to choose in regard to deciding what to do with your life. Anyway regardless we just push on with whatever life throws at us. I am taking up a bit of gardening and can say that it takes effort to prepare your patch ready for planting. I have a nicely prepared plot that is ready for me. It took me a few weeks but it now looks ideal, level clean moist and good to go. I have various seeds to plant but it seems that the time for planting seeds is yet to come. So i put afew potatoes in just to have something going. My aim is mainly to find something to take my mind off of crack. Not that i spend all day and night thinking about using because i actually dont. Just those days though that when i do think on it, i tend to get caught up in it for days at a time. One taste is all it takes some time. I have a love hate relationship going on. I can go without having a stone for like weeks at a time easily, then i get lazy and will be like, i will just get one, knowing that you can never have just one.
Hopefully the gardening will give me a different focus to aim at, if i could get back to some kind of training i would  feel ten times better but due to my neckand shoulders now i cannot begin anything without feeling serious pain. I have to go back and see the surgeon next month and although my neck is less restrictive i now have bad pain in my left shoulder and upper arm. I have no idea if it is connected to the surgerybut it hurts like hell and i have been taking all kinds to get some relief.
Nothing works. Bak soon


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