Thinking of a Detox?

Just thinking that you are going to stop is not enough, you need to have a plan. I used to tell a friend of mine at least once a day. She wanted to carry on smoking still, and that is something people will do. A part of them does want to stop yet they still also want to carry on. They are not ready so they will not have the strength needed. If you go to a detox to get off gear, well for one good for you and two you may have one or two uncomfortable moments but nothing compared to doing it yourself. Cold turkey is torture I never want to experience again, ever. To even get a place in a detox facility takes effort, and then you have to plan everything. People usually attend the first day smashed, I was up all the night before. On the first day you get a room and get prepared, then will get an idea of the meds you will be on and they explain why. When the time comes when you would be using so start feeling it a bit, it gets didgy at times but you are only in them places when you have had enough of the life. It is the life that gets to a lot of people cos believe me life on gear is hard. Yo, I mean hard. About then you begin a course of medication designed to last a fortnight. There are usually other patients going through the same as yourself, but at different stages, and a room where everyone can congregate. My room was really big and I would be in there when I felt bad. On the second day I did not have the strength to walk downstairs to get a meal, I was totally devoid of an ounce of energy. A staff nurse was kind enough to bring a sandwich from the canteen, the staff I have to say were great while I was there.

In the mornings we were invited to join the group and talk which helped take your mind off things. The medication to deal with the withdrawal worked really well but not everyone handles it the same, I saw one girl quit and on the day I entered. To my joy she was the only one but It was a scary start she gave me. After a few days have passed you are in the middle of your treatment, good and bad mostly good, nearly there. A nurse will be assigned to you and if you have any questions they are very helpful. I had two nights that stood out from the rest, I tried a bath with lavender, not the best memories but I fought through and my attitude going in was good. I was ready although It had taken a while, I was ready. After finishing the medication they like you to stay a week and prepare mentally while your body is adjusting to that drug free feeling.

My experience was really good and I recommend It to any one who feels ready. I have tried doing a home detox as well, a few times without any medication, I was actually scared. Plus for some reason after doing cold turkey and going through all that I always went back to the gear. Getting off heroin is a nightmare, I know people now that are hooked and nothing changes and I know why. The best thing to do if you find yourself around people smoking or worse injecting heroin is to get as far away as possible. I had one taste one night and afterwards everything went, slowly but surely everything. Ten years of using before I found the strength to kick. My advice is steer clear.


  1. A powerful testimonial!

    Your calm description of the experience does a lot to dispel the mystery of the treatment and allay the fear so many must feel when contemplating this treatment.

    You probably handled it better than most with your unusual attitude of gratitude instead of resentment – that’s what I admire.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, here’s mine…of course everyone is different, you have to find the way that suits but the ONLY thing that works is strength of mind and WANTING TO QUIT. Home detox NHS detox private detox none will work if you are not ready. As soon as you get out that little voice tells you, just one more dig smoke whatever… If you are not mentally prepared, had enough of the drug, the life style, the ‘friends’ you will go back to using. You have to be prepared for the hardest battle of your life FOR life. You have to want it more than anything you have wanted ever before, because other wise addicts would stop, detox or not. So yes detox is hard which ever way you do it physically but unless you are ready mentally it won’t work. I have heard K tell me I can’t go thro detox again this time that’s it, only to relapse a few days weeks months later. Heroin and crack mug you off! Of course he doesn’t want to go thro Detox again when he’s doing it he’s in abject pain. And if he starts to use again he knows he will either die or have to go thro detox – again. But does it stop him from using? Not yet it hasn’t. I collude with your advice to get the hell out of there ‘to stay clear’. But the user/addict has to want to do it – no, more than want to do it has to be mentally prepared to give up everything for it to be successful ( imho)

    1. Well yes detox is easy really, but like you say if u aint ready u will go back to it. I would never get back on b. Life of the walking dead, it is a hard road and i hated most days i wadon it

      1. And ain’t that the madness of addiction! Hate it want to get off but unless you are ready keep going back and in some cases expect a different outcome even tho we know it’s not possible! Once your head is around that you are ready to abstain – sometimes tho it takes a lot of spins round that cycle before you can stop.

      2. That is so so true, you can wait a long time to find the moment when u r ready. If u miss it you can wait years even for the time you feel able, it is one dangerous drug. You certainly know what it is,

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