Nice, when

A lot of things have happened in the past few weeks, naturally, nothing jumps out more than another though because, or maybe because who knows? I have not too long ago finished smoking a spliff. I think people still call it a spliff, not sure, but I obviously do. One of the reasons I am unsure is cos 1) I dont smoke it and 2) I do not be around people that do smoke it, often.

One thing that did happen is that I received word from my son and he came and brought his son, my grandson, to the house, which was obviously mega. My two younguns at the house, aunt and uncle were introduced to the tiny baby. He is so small and my boy looks so big man It takes me back a minute. There is nothing better than family stuff really, at the end of the day you live but family is the only thing. Any way my older son had a job and a beautiful girlfriend who was a nice kid, and she had a beautiful kid. He was a man with responsibility and was handling his stuff in a confident responsible way. We took a load of pictures and three generations got in front of the lens for posterity. I held my grandson and while he screamed I walked around the garden letting the cool breeze brush his face hoping to soothe him. It felt special as I walked around the trampoline stepping on the long grass trying to kill two birds with one stone. I was flattening the grass calmly and looking through netting on the trampoline at my son and his girlfriend and they seemed well matched. It made me feel glad for them, it is exciting times for them potentially and I wish them all the best life gives.

That day happened say mid July, I remember it well. Early last week I had a surprise present given to me, I was surprised so it worked. It was a notebook, like a small laptop and it is ten times easier to write using it, than my big old laptop which sits sadly over my left shoulder. I can sit upright as It sits easily on my lap, recent intense pain in my shoulder means that just that is a blessing. So cool when a person puts that kind of faith in a person to be honest. The following visit to see my worker who also gives the script for the next four weeks resulted in me making a decision to begin reducing my subbys. I have been on them too long now and I dont need half as many as I am getting anyway so I will be totally “clean” in the not too distant future. I agreed to re engage with recovery services which up to now I have not done. That is progress I reckon, I am slowing my roll on that front. Some things from the level on the street, at first hand show you how much bullshit goes on just around every ten pound piece that gets sold. Crazy is not enough, more than crazy. When one man will nearly kill another for a tenner or a stone. Driving off in cars with a piece of crack and a dealer nearly getting killed trying to grab his money, I seen stuff that does have you thinking more than usual. I have said I will not give up trying to stop. London trip with kid and brother, chance for all that family bonding was good.

Tonight Mo Farah won the gold medal in the World Championships 10,000 meters, in Beijing. He put in a performance that showed just how far the opposition are way from him. He stayed in touch all the way, looking extremely relaxed, and pulled ahead of the pack with a lap to go staying 3 meters ahead and passing the line smiling. On the World Championships first day England have the top two in the heptathlon, one an Olympic champion and the other, an up and coming so that is good.

Heard a story last week that did not seem to make sense at first and then still made no sense. FEMA Camps have began taking people and the people that are being rounded up and kept behind the barbed wire are all homeless. Is this what we have, looking forward.? Are we conditioned not to care until it happens to us? I think we are otherwise how is it happening in “broad daylight”? with NO consequence, scary.

Got a nice bag of weed given not too long ago. Nice, when it happens yes.


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