I wonder if u comprehend the impact of feeling ashamed. I felt it many years ago as an 11 year old. To be caught by a father is bad but when the evil step mom steps in with threats of coming to school and telling all a feeling kicks in that is about as bad as any other i have since experienced. I have had many feelings from the highest high, both natural, love and artificial drugs,to the lowest, fear pain. I sit here calmly and i can sincerely  say that shame has to be the one that truly sends a shiver through me. Tonight something  occurred that reminded me of that time and i am delighted to say that imade sure my loved one has no idea of the hurt that can be struck through a person. On the positive my experience allowedme to prevent the same occurring to those i love and cherish, but how can some people be socruel as to scar an innocent  spirit haphazardly?  Life i guess with its many roads. It is all good, just thinking on paper

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