My girl is my world, my boy is my joy, i know i am blessed cos i usually destroy. My girl has been a bit misguided and i asked her brother to talk to her as i know she is feeling embarrassed. It is easier on her atm if her brother talks instead of me. Not that i am unable to have empathy or understanding, just certain situations need different solutions. I will have a talk with her probably  tomorrow. Anyway to my surprise my boy has taken his sister to the pictures using his own money, i might add. Imagine that? I am proud of them both. I am a lucky man and iknow this.


2 thoughts on “Children

  1. I really enjoy hearing about your family experiences. Your love for the kids has been clear from the start, in how much careful thought you give to your interactions.

    I don’t expect everything will always go smoothly (especially not in the short term), but it’s always interesting to see your thought process. It makes me think how I would have responded if I were still a child, and it feels like it would have worked for me too. Do you ever imagine yourself as a child and hearing the words you are saying now?

    1. Not really thought about it like that but it probably would have meant me being a totally different person. I react now based on my uninspiring childhood. As a matter of fact i believe the drug situation to be my method of dealing with my childhood, tho i could be wrong. Parents have a lot to answer for i guess. Thanx 4 the interest. Peace

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