As the weekend  begins i find myself looking back on an interesting  week. Monday i pored over the report  from the gp specialist, I had an interesting  talk with my daughter as she offered up the info that she had a boyfriend. This is something  she has never said before although  her brother and i both thought she had a boyfriend  by the way she always protected  her i phone. So once she told me it was like she felt free to talk all about it, his name, which of her friends  were being spiteful,  and she showed me a picture of them both together, they looked cute. I was able to guage her attitude  toward boys without seeming like i was fishing. I got the feeling that she is adult like in the way she expects him to behave and i did not feel worried. I managed to put a few bits of advice into the conversation so all is well as she prepares to turn 15 at the end of next week.
My support worker paid a visit to the house on Wednesday morning with a colleague and they brought a wooden box with a padlock to keep my meds in. They also offered me a part time job unpaid as a helper taking notes from newcomers, telling me it could lead to paid employment. I have been offered the post in the past but due to the fact i still have the odd stone i refused. This time though i wanted it so Deb said she will put me in touch with a group thatwill offer support if i want to quit smoking. As good as her word she phoned today to say i am in on Wednesday and that she will pick me up and bring me home the first time but after that i have to make my own way. This could be the start of my recovery  if i feel ok with the group i will be meeting  on Wednesday. I have had enough  of smoking as i mainly do it out of boredom on a pay day. I dont do it for a week at a time but when i get paid i have one. The other days i do not go out looking for it. Unless someone comes and treats me i can and do go a fortnight without it with no problem.
On Thursday my girl came home from school anc wanted a talk. She finished with her boyfriend because he was flirting with her friend. He asked for another chance and she refused. To me she said ‘dad i am not like mum,crying over boys” I was proud of her and offered to buy her some chocolate  from the shop to make her feel better but she said ‘dad i am ok, honest” I got her some triple chocolate  cookies which she accepted gratefully. He does not deserve you babes i said, she agreed.
Today the kids mom turned up to take our daughter shopping but my son saw her and called her names which was hard to hear. It was disrespectful  and not nice to hear him talk like that. I could not get involved as tempers were high so i will talk with him in a day or two. Ever since she called the poilice on him for forcibly removing her from our house cos she was drunk and causing a scene he has not forgiven her.
It is a difficult situation as she came to see her daughter so i let her wait in my room while our girl got changed. She was crying at the outburst but i told her to use that energy to help her overcome her demons. She is beginning the long road toward detox again on the 16th so hopefully  she will gain strength from the negative  energy.
Today a friend called and treated me to a smoke so i am reflecting on the past week while also considering the prospects ahead. Future looks good tbh.

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