I have just recieved a report in the post. In the  case of Me claimant and my Gp proposed defendants. In the summary of conclusions it is  noted  that the claimant had longstanding degenerative  changes in the neck dating back to 1998 which are likely to have had a bearing on this matter. There were repeated breaches of duty by the claimants GPs in 2013 and 2014. There are also concerns about the actions of some of the specialists involved in the claimants care and a recommendation  that appropriate  expert opinion  be sought. My solicitor sent all info to an expert and he concludes that my GP has a case to answer.
I used to get so angry when going to my GP and being fobbed off with painkillers. Just because they are GPs they assumed  i had no idea about my own pain. When i would question them on anything they made me out to be troublesome.  Now i have it here that they did not listen to me  and if they had i would not be having pain in my hands right now. My neck is a bit better after surgery in March but my right hand and wrist hurt every minute of the day. I want justice and hopefully this report will be the basis to go ahead and claim. My solicitor is on holiday till July 13 so i do not know the next move yet. Feeling vindicated. I do not trust doctors or dentists or police for that matter and a few people say i am just stubborn or other stuff.


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