My World Is Falling

Bobby Shmurda, young black teen arrested on gun and drug charges, set 5mil bail. The roof kid killed 9 black people and set 1mil bail. I hear that 4mil was raised by the good people  of america towards his bail. The police bought him burgerand chips. 2015 and the land of the free that decides the fate of afghans,iraqis and the like, show the world what really takes pride of pla e in their country  and it sickens me. Both kids deserve to be  behind bars. Nothing has changed  since day dot. Nobody will do anything, just talks, demos, and a few minors to make it seem good and purposeful. I am having my first stone for a while, just sold a few tabs for ten pounds so bought one. Trying to make iit last by writing this. Ten wont last long anyway. The world is so unjust it is sad to see the earth suffer while those that rape and pillage the land tell us that all is well. We descend into oblivion meekly,  like sheep. This beautiful  earth. Animals i grewup in awe of are becoming extinct in my lifetime. What do i say? Who do i tell? What do i do? Smoke stone and write a few lines. Does it not seem like we are on a ride controlled by unseen powers with no will to get off even tho we see what is coming? Am i crazy and exaggerating everything?


  1. No you are not crazy at all. The world has gone even more loco than it already was. It saddens me to see how little lives are worth to people today. Selfishness and greed is common and care and concern mean next to nothing. I pray every day that this too shall pass but it seems to only get worse. I can only imagine what’s next. God help us.

  2. my boy got it off twitter and told me and i did not even think to question it, i was shocked tho. Still knowing he got bail for a crime he will do life for makes no sense. Moral is check your sources b4 publishing,lol

    1. Oh, I’ve been taken in by satirical websites too. One was about the DEA working with Facebook to catch people who smoked weed. It was embarrassing until I found it funny. 🙂

  3. Regardless of the facts…

    No, you’re not crazy, but thinking about it for too long will make you that way 🙂

    Any thinking person eventually sees the same thing, but I take comfort in that life has looked this way for countless generations. Human societies, in their time, have always seemed to their members to be perilously close to complete disintegration, yet unexpected developments in history have saved us from ourselves over and over again, leaving us always just barely ahead of doom.

    For instance, think of traffic: considering what complete inept uncoordinated idiots we let drive around in one-ton metal boxes at high speeds separated only by inches, you’d expect there to be complete mayhem and destruction on the roads ALL the time. There are people driving right next to me at 65 mph that I wouldn’t trust to walk my dog! It’s nothing less than miraculous that the vast majority of us reach our destinations unscathed.

    The list of awful possibilities in life is truly endless, but here I am, relatively unscathed. I have a feeling you would agree that all the things that could go wrong, usually don’t.

    Instead of fretting about all the ugliness, I wish we could all remember to focus more on what has gone right and well in our lives – like you do. That’s what struck me about your writing from the start, and why I care for you as a fellow traveller on this bumpy road of life.

    After all, we all start out from and end up in the same place: worldly non-existence.

    1. I am here today with loved ones so life is good, every day. I know i am so fortunate to be here writing, but i do not believe we can sustain our behaviours without nature taking over, that is just what i foresee. Can not dwell too much tho as day to day life gets in the way Be happy

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