LIAR, CHIP ON HIS SHOULDER, AGITATOR, TROUBLEMAKER, FREAK, DRUGGY, WEIRDO. Just some of the names used to label a person who dares to speak out against an injustice perpetrated by a person in a position of authority. An effective tactic to suppress information coming into the public arena. Discrediting the person and putting labels on them to smokescreen the information being “leaked” is the first step. Tony Blair being given an award for “save the children” recently is a disgrace. Is he responsible for the disappearance of 93.000 children in Iraq? or the displacement of 2 million Iraqi children in the Anglo- American occupation of Iraq? and the sanctions that affected and orphaned up to 4.5 million children?. It beggars belief yet it is true. Recently it transpires that in Britain in the 70’s and 80’s politicians and even members of the royal family were involved in abusing children. There are documents that can not be revealed until 2056 when any one who is involved will no longer be here. How is this allowed to go on? because the people that make the laws and rules are all part of the same group. Some witnesses are not allowed to be heard because they would not make credible witnesses as they are traumatised and on drugs or alcohol yet the same names keep popping up and nothing is done. Files not allowed to be opened for 70 years. Crazy but true. We live in an society where we are “allowed” to do so much and no more. Special Branch stepped in to cover up an investigation into an MP and Whitehall hold files seen by Margaret Thatcher then Prime Minister and can not release them as a matter of National Security. YES THIS IS FACT. Establishment figures that live above the law while criticising us. The Queen and Prince Charles have the power to veto laws, why? Above the law while exempt from the law, state mp’s protected if belonging to the “right” family. We go through life being told what is right and wrong by some of the most vile characters alive. If you are brave enough to speak out you are terrorised and maybe you become a victim of these people because they have all the power crazy and the reason i always refused to conform to what is supposed to be the way.