Nice when you have had a little break. I cannot explain why i am constantly feeling  good but i went through a lot of years when i was on a major downer so i guess it is just the way life goes, up and down. I have got through the bad and now i am good. I had a best friend who took his own life a few years back, i found him dead on his bathroom floor and i was in shock for a while. When i talk with people who knew him i always say that no matter how bad life gets you have to ride out the bad times cos you never know what is coming. Life is such a blessing that you should never do the ultimate. I mean when i first got out of jail in 2006, i really felt the meaning of freedom. After being cooped up it was a joy to just walk down the road, a real joy. I still get that feeling of joy sometime just walking and taking in the weather no matter what it brings, from rain to sun even grey skies, there is beauty all around. I am waffling a bit cos i just had my first stone for a while but i am speaking truth. Enjoy life


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