The worst of times. A drug dealer selling heroin and living large off the profit. No plans for the future just living day to day. No thoughts of the damage he caused to the lives of others, too busy living day to day. Bought home, new car, clothes money jewellery he had it all. He smoked weed and at the weekend he took ecstasy and drank with his young girlfriend. Life was sweet. One weekend he had the E’s and the weed and went to see his girl. They had an E and with music blaring they danced around the flat. Much later she took out a piece of foil with heroin melted on. He had sold it her earlier that day. She did not have a habit but liked the odd bag. He used her flat as a stash to hide his main bag. He was high as hell cos after twenty years of selling, on and off he had never touched gear and knew he never would, but this night as he watched her smoke he asked for a blowback and eventually went in his stash and they smoked about six bags together. Although he smoked crack it was never a problem as the profit from selling heroin took care of the cost. It was 2000 and later that week he was using heroin in his bathroom before realising and throwing it away. This pattern carried on for a few weeks before it came to pass that he had a habit and needed heroin everyday. At the time still not a problem cos he sold so much that he would not fall behind. One day while sat waiting for a new batch he phoned his supplier to find out how long he would be when his girl shouted down the phone that the supplier dont bring it cos he had a problem with it. She thought she was doing him a favour but the supplier asked was it true and never turned up. Now he had a habit and no way to sustain it. So began the turnaround. A nightmare ensued that lasted ten years. The worst years. Ironic, karma, justice, he lost everything including his pride and dignity. He tried so many times to get clean including a detox in a centre. While there he met some of his first ever customers who were shocked to see him there. He suggested that God was paying him back for living off the misery of others. He believed it himself. He had no idea of the power of H till he was using it and vowed not to sell it again. In the end he came through a much wiser and better person as the things that occurred while he was addicted showed him his old beliefs were wrong.


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