WOW! Monday morning and I feel a bit hungover but at the same time I feel great. Considering, Friday early evening I was feeling a little bit miserable for no particular reason. I phoned a friend and asked him to come round but he was stalling till I mentioned I could get my hands on his favourite weekend buzz, the powder coke, which I do not use,by the way. I could hear the wheels going round in his head as he weighed up his options. That was the end of me being miserable cos he told me he is coming, bout half hour, yes. I was pleased he was going to call so i felt better. We have been friends for years. I got what he wanted too for a good price and the quality was amazing, i had a little sniff and knew it was the bomb. Damn my nose went numb and i felt great but after a bit my heart was pounding and i thought i could not do that regularly, no way. Anyway he got me something i like, well paid for it, i got it, we was both buzzing. He did not stay long but we was cool and i watched Vikings till late. Saturday             i got a call enabling me to raise fifty pounds out the blue. By early evening i was done, ready for the night. I bought myself a new crew neck similar to the navy one i got a week or so ago. It made me feel good to know i was not blowing all my cash on rocks. Got some supplies and spent 15 on my Saturday night. I do not do weed alcohol or anything cept tobacco but my guy did me a fifteen piece ov stone so i was proper chillin. I phoned my cousin in London and we talked and joked for a few. He put me on to a show on the internet called “Money and Violence” and i sat through 24 episodes till 10am Sunday. Set in New York i loved it. Sunday morning and my son is off to work and my daughter is visiting her mothers sisters. I am glad she has so many female relatives on her mums side so even tho she dont see her mum as often as we would like she has four aunts and they have all got mainly girls and they meet often and my girl has just reached an age where she feels comfortable getting on buses on her own so that is all good. Strange tho that when she goes out i do worry a bit which when my boy started going out i did not worry at all really. My baby girl syndrome innit, anyway i went back to bed as i had been up all night. I woke to see my brothers head peeping round my bedroom door. Glad he woke me, it was 3pm and i had to start cooking the chicken i had seasoned up the day before. As per usual he had four beers and some bud and as per usual i said i will do one but not the other and as usual i ended up doing both. I got the chicken and rice going and then sat down with him to watch UTD ARSENAL on sky. That is 2 Sundays in a row he has turned up and on his own he always comes with someone usually one of his kids. It was better with just him i cant lie cos one of the kids always wants to go before he is ready. We had jokes and he left at 6. He saw my daughter come in before he left. After he had gone i was a bit tipsy and my girl comes in and puts music channels on the telly so we both got up and started dancing, it was wicked. She was showing me her dance moves she had learned and i showed her some old school moves, we were throwing shapes on the dancefloor, both trying to have the new rug under our feet cos it feels so thick and nice. Soon dinner was ready and she took hers up to her room but that was one for the memory books. I carried on dancing for a bit and that turned to me exercising, just stretching nothing major. My son came in about 7, had some food and we had a giggle till he went bed at 10. I fell asleep on the couch and ended up sleeping there, i have not slept downstairs since we decorated and my boy sent me upstairs at 7am. I got up at 9.15, went cash machine and the shops and came back to start recording my weekend. Here i am about to end this and tidy up before i have a hit to proper wake me. I hope u all had a nice weekend. I feel amazing ready for the week ahead, peace and love to all

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