When I was a young man I wished for so many things. Material wealth and girls were top of my agenda and I spent a lot of energy acquiring these things I thought were important to me. Earlier today while talking I was asked if I could go back knowing everything I know now, would I? I responded without pause, I would not want to go back to my teen years for love or money. I know that the days I am living are the most satisfactory of my entire life. I do not have wealth and my health is not the best or the worst I may add. Yet I am happy inside on a daily basis with no explanation. I have a roof and my children are content as am I. My son recently told me that he is glad for the way he has been raised and my daughter also expressed that she is happy in herself. I realise that my happiness depends on the happiness of my children. I remember when we used to play board games and stuff and we would laugh out loud as we joked with each other, I would point out to them that this is what life is about for we may not have had money but we could not have been happier together playing. There was a time when I would not have been able to comprehend such joy but once you take on responsibility for your children a change takes place that is undeniable. I have spent many a lonely night while they would be sleeping upstairs, finally at peace while they slept. Each day was a challenge to provide and care and prepare and it was a joy to put them to bed at the end of each night so I could finally relax. I took on the responsibility because the mother was unable to carry on the good work she had begun. That is a shame for her and a blessing for me. I spent my youth searching for something without knowing what I really wanted. Now I know that I want nothing but peace and harmony and that is what I am lucky enough to have. I have a bad day and a good day but the main theme is the same, I am blessed. I love my life as it is and everything I have been through I would not change a thing. Today I helped my daughter with her homework and in the evening my son and I sat and watched the football together. As they now sleep I am in my room watching Vikings on the laptop while smoking a little bit of stone.