Some Time

Sometime the sky is gray, utopia seen, sometime false justice. Double edge inside a driven wedge, break the chain begin the game. Warm clouds loud silence here, fear begin feel my sin. I do not think did you hear that clink, chains holding, ignore this from me to you freeze you with a kiss. Honour me with paper i become a paper chaser. Strange dynamic logic i concede sad to say, who planted the seed? Answer the question with visionary skill, subtle today but if memory serves a wily old arm throws a wily old curve. Given a start dust also filed and complete. Up or down no in between it would be so much better if you could come clean, shatter a dream and laugh at your scream. Small chance to lose, give it a try, make a stance and dance on a skull then throw it away as you chase a fix buy a life of meaningless kicks. You may wonder why while those around you suffer and cry.


One thought on “Some Time

  1. Our persistent self-defeating urges are a mystery, aren’t they? No amount of logic can make a dent.

    I believe that true freedom requires a leap of faith.

    I’m too fearful to do it, so I’m stuck clinging to the past, to dysfunctional coping methods, and suffering the consequethes. Until I can summon greater courage and push beyond my fear of the difficult and unknown, I won’t be able to move forward with my life.

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