Seems like all is going well at the minute. Funny how at times you can think you are missing out on things then when you get it you realise you can do without it. Like, be careful what you wish for cos you might just get it. Anyway, my boy has just got himself a part time job while still at college. He is way ahead of where i was at his age, #proud. My girl is growing up, she went to town and the pictures with her friend last weekend and then went shopping for clothes on her own so big changes occurring. It is all good in my neighbourhood.

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  1. I’m happy life is going well for you. You worked at being a good parent, made it your highest priority, and now you deserve this joy you get from your kids.

    Of course, it won’t always stay smooth like this, which is all the more reason to revel in the success of the little family you’ve made.

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