New Week

6.50am and i am looking around for a cigarette without luck. I make a coffee and go back up to my room and start watching ep20 ER. 8.10am and a familiar voice is calling my name outside, i look out to see D. He wants me to get 2, one each, no probs. We have a chat while we wait for delivery and i show him my newly decorated and furnished living room, not finished but nearly there. On getting our thing he is gone but he leaves me a full pack of tobacco and a stone. Nice way to begin the week also he tells me that my horse came in fourth in the National which i have just checked and it is true. I put on 50p ew and 50p win costing 1.50p. I will get around £3 which is pretty cool as i am skint till tonight. Had the stone and thought i would put up this quick post. Gonna settle down with a bit more ER. Have a good week everyone.